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Why Social Media? What Can It Do For My Business?

Social media advertising can be a powerful tool for businesses, offering numerous benefits that can contribute to the growth and success of your brand. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider using social media advertising for your business:

Wide Audience Reach:
Social media platforms have billions of active users worldwide, providing a vast and diverse audience for your business to reach.

Targeted Advertising:
Social media platforms allow you to define and target specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and locations. This precision helps ensure that your ads are seen by the most relevant audience for your products or services.

Compared to traditional advertising channels, social media advertising can be more cost-effective. You can set a budget that suits your business and adjust it as needed.

Engagement and Interaction:
Social media encourages interaction and engagement. Users can like, share, comment, and click on your ads, providing opportunities for direct interaction with your audience.

Brand Awareness:
Social media is an excellent platform for building and increasing brand awareness. Consistent exposure to your brand through advertising helps reinforce your message and presence in the minds of your target audience.

Analytics and Insights:
Social media platforms provide detailed analytics and insights into the performance of your ads. This data allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions for future strategies.

Mobile Optimization:
Many users access social media platforms through mobile devices. Social media advertising is inherently mobile-friendly, ensuring that your ads reach users on smartphones and tablets.

Retargeting Opportunities:
Social media platforms offer retargeting options, allowing you to re-engage users who have previously interacted with your brand but did not make a purchase. This can be a powerful strategy to convert leads into customers.

Flexibility and Creativity:
Social media advertising allows for a wide range of ad formats, including images, videos, carousels, and more. This flexibility enables you to showcase your products or services in creative and engaging ways.

Real-Time Updates:
You can make real-time updates to your social media advertising campaigns, allowing you to respond quickly to changes in your business, industry, or market conditions.

Competitive Edge:
Many businesses are already utilizing social media advertising, and it has become a standard part of digital marketing strategies. By not leveraging these platforms, you may fall behind your competitors who are actively engaging with their audience through social media.

In summary, social media advertising offers a cost-effective, targeted, and flexible way to connect with a vast audience, build brand awareness, and drive business results. When implemented strategically, it can be a valuable component of your overall marketing strategy.


Frequently asked quetions

Easy one. Email us with your dairy details and we will set up  a demo account for you to login and experience our demonstration system

Yes it is. The app is fully branded with your dairy, there is no mention of our interaction. The app is owned by us but is part of your monthly subscription

We can integrate most payment gateways such as Stripe, Square and others . Simply sign up to these providers and send us the details we do the rest.. We do not take any cut or commission. 

Customers simply search for your dairy name within the Apple or Google stores. Also you can add a link from the store to your website or facebook page to promote it.

Absolutely,we know plenty and are always willing to help. We can also provide a social media service to promote  / advertise your app on your behalf to bring in new customers / orders

Our complete system starts at £50 per week, actual figure depends on the amount of rounds you have, customers etc. We are very pleased of course to give you a no obligation quotation.

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